publications, 2012

92. Grochala W
Metastable He–O bond inside a ferroelectric molecular cavity: (HeO)(LiF)2
PHYS CHEM CHEM PHYS (14): 14860-14868 2012 (invited paper, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the birth of noble gas chemistry)    

91. Grochala W
Orbital Approach to the Electronic Structure of Solids
ANGEW CHEM INT ED ENGL 51(33): 8155-8155 2012 (invited book review)

90. Michalowski T, Leszczynski PJ, Cyranski M, Dobrzycki L, Budzianowski A, Grochala W
The missing crystal structures of fluorosulfates of monovalent cations: M(I)SO3F, M=Na, Rb and Tl
J FLUOR CHEM 40(8): 116-120 2012 (dedicated to Zbigniew Ryszard Grabowski at his 85th birthday)

89. Jaron T, Wegner W, Cyranski MK, Dobrzycki L, Grochala W
(n-Bu)4N+ cation in a homoleptic borohydride environment: (n-Bu)4N(BH4) and [(n-Bu)4N][Y(BH4)4] J SOLID STATE CHEM 191: 279–282 2012 (dedicated to Tadeusz Marek Krygowski at his 75th birthday)

88. Churchard AJ, Derzsi M, Jaglicic Z, Remhof A, Grochala W
Chemo-switched chromatic, structural and magnetic changes with retention of molecular crystallinity, Ni(II)(12aneS4)(BF4)2
DALTON TRANS 41(17): 5172-5176 2012

 87. Fijalkowski K, Jurczakowski R, Kozminski W, Grochala W
Insights from impedance spectroscopy into mechanism of thermal decomposition of M(NH2BH3) M=H, Li, Na, Li0.5Na0.5 hydrogen stores
PHYS CHEM CHEM PHYS 14(16): 5778-5784 2012 (commemorating the 220th birth anniversary of Michael Faraday)

86. Grochala W, Cyranski MK, Derzsi M, Michalowski T, Malinowski PJ, Mazej Z, Kurzydlowski D, Kozminski W, Budzianowski A, Leszczynski PJ
Crystal and electronic structure, lattice dynamics and thermal properties of Ag(I)(SO3)R (R=F, CF3) Lewis acids in the solid state
DALTON TRANS 41(7): 2034-2047 2012 (in memoriam Karel Lutar)


85. Leszczynski PJ, Budzianowski A, Derzsi M, Dobrzycki L, Cyranski MK, Grochala W
Thermal and chemical decomposition of di(pyrazine)silver(II) peroxydisulfate and unusual crystal structure of a Ag(I) by-product
DALTON TRANS 41(2): 396-402 2012 (in memoriam Piotr Wrona)

84. Jaron T, Grochala W
Y(BD4)3, An Efficient Store of Deuterium, and Impact of Isotope Effects on Its Thermal Decomposition
J NUCL MATER 420(1-3): 307-313 2012


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