publications, 2010

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Inelastic neutron scattering and DFT study of potassium hydrogen phthalate

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   EUR J INORG CHEM (19): 2919-2925 2010 (in memoriam Neil Bartlett)


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     J ALLOYS COMP 499(2): 144 – 148 2010


59. Derzsi M, Dymkowski K, Grochala W
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INORG CHEM 49(6): 1683 – 1686 2010 (dedicated to Martin Jansen)


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    ANGEW CHEM INT ED ENGL 49(9): 1683 – 1686 2010 (commemorating the 125th birth anniversary of J. Czochralski) VIP PAPER!


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   Observation of the New Argon-Carbon Dication ArCF22+

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56. Jaron T, Grochala W
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