LXI. 06.08.2012: Ewa Zurek – Building a chemical intuition under pressure: Prediction of alkali metal polyhydridesand subhydrides
LX. 01.06.2012: Patryk Zaleski-Ejgierd – Tungsten hydrides at high pressure
LIX. 25.05.2012: Adam Grzelak – X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of some silver compounds
LVIII. 25.05.2012: Jakub Gawraczynski – Ammonium and phosphonium sulphates syntheses and reaction tests with AgSO4
LVII. 18.05.2012: Tomasz Michalowski – Chemistry in the City under the sign of the Dragon: a brief overview of work done in Jozef Stefan Institute
LVI. 20.04.2012: Tomasz Gilewski – Silver (II) Sulfate reactions: short report on work in progress
LV. 09.03.2012: Jakub Seweryn – The mechanochemical reactions between AgO and SrO, BaO, SrO2 or BaO2
LIV. 03.02.2012: Pawel Szarek 
LIII. 16.12.2011: Wojciech Grochala – N2O activation: talking Molecular Orbitals
LII. 2.12.2011: Pawel Kondratiuk – Prediction of the AgCl2 structure

LI. 25.11.2011: Piotr Polczynski

L. 30.09.2011: Rafal Jurczakowski – Intruduction to impedance spectroscopy

XLIX 03.06.2011: Pawel Kondratiuk – Prediction of the AgCl2 structure

XLVIII. 06.05.2011: Tomasz Gilewski – Attempts of chemical doping of AgSO4
XLVII. 29.04.2011: Andrew Churchard – Macrocyclic Complexes of Ni(II): Structures and Properties
XLVI. 18.04.2011: Patryk Zaleski-Ejgierd – Crystal Structure Prediction: a Short Introduction
XLV. 01.04.2011: Wojciech Grochala – TEAM Project – 1.5 years to go!
XLIV. 18.03.2011: Tomasz Jaron – MY(BH4) systems summary and new ideas for reactivity of Y(BH4)3
XLIII. 11.03.2011:  Karol Fijalkowski – Impedance study on thermal decomposition of alkali amidoboranes
XLII. 04.02.2011: Wojciech Grochala – Silver(I) triflate as a valuable precursor towards novel inorganic derivatives of carbon aka dream of ‘expanded diamonds’
XLI. 04.02.2011: Mariana Derzsi – Excursion to positive & negative pressure regimes

XL. 21.01.2011: Tomek Gilewski – What next with AgSO4

XXXIX. 26.11.2010: Przemyslaw Malinowski – World beyond fluorosulfates: triflates, selenates and difluorophosphates of Ag(II)

XXXVIII. 26.11.2010: Piotr Leszczynski – My first building blocks for the ethynylene diamond analogs

XXXVII. 19.11.2010: Armand Budzianowski – Report from High Pressure X-ray Measurements for AgSO4 at APS, Argonne
XXXVI. 29.10.2010: Mariana Derzsi – Polymorphism in Layered Perovskites of Fluroides

XXXV. 15.10.2010: Andrew Churchard – A summer sojourn in Switzerland

XXXIV. 24.09.2010: Dominik Kurzydlowski – Summer at Cornell: Magnetism of MM’AgF4 and XeF2 at high pressure
XXXIII. 18.06.2010: Mariana Derzsi – Strong correlations in transition-metal salts
XXXII. 11.06.2010: Tomasz Gilewski – Silver (II) sulfate attempts of doping and mixing
XXXI. 28.05.2010: Juliusz Stasiewicz – AgSO4 @ high pressure as seen by DFT methods (episode 2)
XXX. 07.05.2010: Tomasz Michalowski – Ag(I)2Ag(II)(SO3F) an old enemy. New ways to create and a second glimpse into his nature
XXIX. 23.04.2010: Wojciech Grochala – You love diamonds? You may love expanded diamonds even more …!

XXVIII. 09.04.2010: Dominik Kurzydlowski – The fascinating World of M2AgF4 (M = K, Cs, Rb)

XXVII. 04.03.2010: Armand Budzianowski – Crystal Structures of Anhydrous Carbonates, Formates & Oxalates – A Mini Review.
XXVI. 19.02.2010: Tomasz Jaron – Reactions of CO2 with strong reductors: MHx and M(BH4)x
XXV. 29.01.2010: Wojciech Grochala – Quo vadis TEAM Project?
XXIV. 15.01.2010: Andrew James Churchard – An Introduction to Green Chemistry
XXIII. 18.12.2009: Tomek Gilewski – The study of AgSO4 and Ag(SO3F)2
XXII. 4.12.2009: Tomek Michalowski – Tales from Ljubljana
XXI. 20.11.2009: Piotr Leszczynski – Chemical reactivity of silver triflate

Triflate, Triflate and Nothing but the Silver Triflate

XX. 6.11.2009: Juliusz Stasiewicz – AgSO4 at high pressure studied by DFT methods
XIX. 9.10.2009: Radostin Genova – Probing hydrogen storage properties of materials based on yttrium and ytterbium
XVIII. 2.10.2009: Malgosia Karwowska and Karol Fijalkowski – Our Prague adventures with mass spectrometry
XVII. 18.09.2009: Kamil Dziubek – From gin-sickles to structural studies at extreme conditions: whither pressure crystallization? 
XVI. 03.07.2009: Przemyslaw Malinowski – Ag(SO3F)2 and Ag(SO3F)
XV. 26.06.2009: Andrew James Churchard – Ni[14]/BH4 and LAH
XIV. 29.05.2009: Karol Fijalkowski – mixed Na-Li-ammonia borane phases
XIII. 22.05.2009: Tomasz Jaron – Y(BH4)3 and Y(BD4)3 – synthesis and properties
XII. 15.05.2009: Zita Putterova – Some Organic and Organometallic Compounds: from Biological Activity to Technological Applications
XI. 24.04.2009: Piotr Leszczynski – Synthesis, Reactivity and Analytical Characteristic of [Ag(Pyrazine)2]S2O8 Complex
X. 03.04.2009: Krzysztof Dymkowski – Predictions Based on DFT Method of Crystal, Electronic, Phonon Structure and Themodynamic Stability of AgSO4.
IX. 27.03.2009: Tomasz Michalowski – Attempts of Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorosulphuric Phases Containing Mixed-valent Silver +1/+2.
The Mysteries of Black and White.
VIII. 06.03.2009: Dominik Kurzydlowski – Exploring the reactivity of Ag(II) towards various fluorides.

In the pursuit for a layered antiferromagnetic flouroargentate (II)…

VII. 20.02.2009: Przemyslaw Malinowski – AgSO4.
VI. 06.02.2009: Radostina Genova – Synthesis and characterization of Y(NH2BH3)3.
V. 23.01.2009: Mariana Derzsi – Previous Work and Results.

IV. 09.01.2009: Tomasz Jaron – Ag (II) compounds – Summer XPS & ESR measurements.

III. 19.12.2008: Karol Fijalkowski – How I was scooped by the Singaporeans.
II. 28.11.2008: Armand Budzianowski – My Previous Work and Results.  
I. 12.11.2008: WojciechGrochala – Introduction to the TEAM project.
Goals, methodology, theory–experiment interaction and philosophy of research.